Lenox and Blair Estates offers quality real estate services such as;

  • Property Development:
    At Lenox and Blair Estates, we develop land and buildings to our clients’ satisfaction. We purchase lands and develop facilities and buildings to meet customers’ requirements. We also generally coordinate the activities, converting plans, needs and ideas into property.
  • Construction Services:
    We build and assemble infrastructure for clients with quality materials. This is usually managed by trained project managers and supervised by our experienced construction managers, design engineers, construction engineers and project architectures.
  • Building Services:
    We bring buildings and structures to life. We design, install, monitor mechanical, electrical and public health systems required for the safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation of our building projects.
  • Agency:
    We market and sell property to a diverse client base and deal in the sales of private homes and market commercial properties, such as retail business structures, office buildings, factories or apartment complexes. We assess our clients’ needs and present them with viable choices.
  • Acquisition:
    We are involved in property acquisition, equipment and tools acquisition, and lots more.
  • Estate Development:
    At Lenox and Blair Estates Limited, we coordinate the activities, converting ideas on paper into real property. We buy land, finance real estate deals, build projects, create, imagine, control and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end. We take risks in the creation or renovation of real estate to give you what you want.